Amina Begum Poem

My Nabi

The purest from all beings, My Beloved My Nabi
If only he can return back to us, so all our yearning eyes could see
My Nabi beseeched to Allah for our forgiveness, crying Ummathi Ummathi
But I wonder on the day of judgement, if he would stop to notice me?

Have I acted upon his Sunnah and followed in his way
Or have I succumbed to this Dunya, as though it's an eternal stay
Will I find him at Al Kawthar, will he intercede for me?
Have I done enough to please Allah, and my Beloved my Nabi?

His speech was moderate and measured, leaving those who had met him in awe
His company was so deep and spiritual, his Sahabahs wished for more
His palms were like that of silk and his face radiated with a glow
And when he smiled due to an incident, his Mubarak teeth would show

My Nabi assisted people from all faiths, Al Amin was his attributed name
This means the trustworthy one, as he helped them when they came
The fragrance that emanated from his body was stronger and sweeter than musk
The scent would remain long after he left, as he journeyed from dawn till dusk

He was the most perfect of examples, the greatest man to tread the earth
How blessed the land and the people of Arabia were, the day Aminah gave birth
My Nabi was a legacy we learn many morals from his life
How he kept his faith and composure in moments of severe strife

He wanted to take on the burden for his Ummah due to the immense love he possessed
But how much have we done in return for him, if to him we were to confess?