Arif Rahman Poem

Who is our Prophet?
What has he done?
The things he had left
' Is the beauty that he begun.

We remember him in our hearts'
We remember him in our souls'
He had done so much!
No-one can take his role!

He had taught us great lessons'
About peace and unity'
He said: "Respect one another'
For we are one community." (Ummah)

He's our role model'
The best of Mankind.
And has left the Quran and
His Sunnah behind.
So we should respect it'

We should respect what he has done.
Because he tried his best'
Since the day it all begun.

The things that we say'
The things that we do'
Thanks to Allah and our Rasool.

This is the dunya' the sunnah is the way'
So come on everyone let us all get together and pray.
Pray with love' pray with care'
Pray for the Prophet who showed us the way.

Thank you Allah' for sending us Muhammad (SAW).