Asma Melaine Poem

Message to the Heart

Let me tell you, oh heart, of a man who came,
To guide the masses through a treacherous plain.
Was born to this world, with a purpose so clear,
To lift us from the shadows, we had gotten so near.

His ennobled face, a beacon of light,
Radiance more splendid than the moon at night.
Grown men and women, it would strike with awe,
A beauty, so intense it would penetrate their core.

His smile bore a kindness extended to all,
From his trusted companions to his foes, it would stall.
A sign of charity to those hearts worn with rust,
He knew to show mercy, was the way to earn trust.

He walked with intent, upon God's chosen Path,
Never turning his back, never showing us wrath.
A calm embrace to the downtrodden and forlorn,
Those who loved him, his departure would mourn.

Oh heart of mine, pronounce his name!
Muhammad, our Saviour, on the Day of Shame
No other will step forth to His Lord and proclaim
My people! My people! Let them carry no blame.

May we walk hand in hand, through this worldly maze
May we enter the Gardens and experience His Gaze.
For our Master, Muhammad has shown us the way,
Let us follow his example, Oh Lord I pray.