Proposal For Current Project

'The Love for the Beloved' presents 'My Love for Allah' as the topic for this year's competition. We hope to recreate and expand on the successes from last year

This year we will have our own website for the online entries. Using promotional videos to encourage more entries.

Physical marketing will be focused across London, with a dedicated team working on our online presence on social media giving us a national coverage. We are in conversation with 'Your Event' on Islam channel to get them to cover the event for us. And we will use the 'Living the Life show' as a marketing tool during the build up to the event.

We aim to achieve at least 450 entries in total across all the categories this year. Building on last year we would like to be hosting about 700 guests at the presentation dinner. Like last year with Al-Noor targeting Islamic schools and institutes in and around London to get involved and encourage their kids to enter the competition.

We have had someone potentially willing to donate an Ummrah package consisting of two tickets for us to use in the project. This will encourage a lot people to take part and get involved.

We would like to keep the idea of publishing a book this year, but with an actual publishing with the book having an ISBN number so that we can sell it online etc.

This year we have a strong dedicated team of 7.