We are raising £7,500 to hold an annual free online poetry competition on ones love for Allah swt. Followed by our prestigious award ceremony. Story

In the name of Allah (SWT), most Gracious, most Compassionate.

Too often our intimate family & social time is wasted in fruitless endeavours concerning worldly affairs. Whilst contemplating over our beliefs, our purpose in life & our love for Allah (SWT), it is often thought of as a chore which must be done during specific allocated time.

Each year Insha'Allah, we intend to hold a poetry competition encouraging the ummah to read & research a topic in order to produce a written poem in any style of choice. Submissions to the competition will be made online so that we have nationwide

coverage. There will be a number of categories depending on the topic area for that year. Each category will have a winner & runners up.

By the will of Allah (SWT) we intend to Insha'Allah create an environment where quality time is spent in contemplating over our love for Allah, truly understand our belonging & express to the world our proud feelings for our Lord. As well as that, this contest will encourage our Muslim community, young & old to consider our love for Muhammad (SAW), inspiring us all to follow his example. We hope to then Insha'Allah, hold a family friendly presentation evening where we will present prizes, have entertainment from recognised public figure(s) & also provide food.

The purpose of the presentation evening is to give recognition to winners & also celebrate the achievement of all entrants, encouraging them to read their poem aloud on stage in order to build their confidence in public speaking. Insha'Allah this programme will not only encourage confident Muslim leaders with the courage and experience of speaking in public, but that one day they are able to speak for us as an ummah especially in the world as it is today; full of corruption and hatred. We hope that Insha'Allah these young & old from all nationalities are united through our love for Islam & that they are able to inspire all those misled by propaganda, prejudices & pride.