Habiba Uddin Poem

Love of the Beloved PBUH

Elegance, perfection and serenity;
The prophet (pbuh) was the best of creation,
A perfect role model
And the leader of our nation.

He spoke the words,
"Actions are judged by one's intentions"
His manner is so worthy,
Everyone mentions.

He (pbuh) taught us many things
One is the belief in Qadr,
And he had this Qadr
In the Battle of Badr.

A man so beautifully created
With a contrast in his eyes,
A natural echo to the voice
Committing shirk, he would despise.

The best of mankind
So loving and caring,
The Children of Ta'if threw stones at him
Yet, he was ever so bearing.

Born in the holy city of Makkah
With many challenges to face,
Never did he give up
As he preached to every race.

He was sent by Allah (Swt)
To teach us the way of life,
Insha Allah we will meet him
One day, in the afterlife.