Hafsa Rehman Poem

Wa ma arsalnaka Ila rahmatal lil Aalameen
He did not send thee but as a mercy for mankind.
Therefore his way of life is the best we can find.
So we should do our best to follow his footsteps that he left behind
Following the Path of Noor that he kindly shined

What did he do? He defended equality
he led a humble life & kept his modesty
He moved our beloved sisters rights loftily
So thank and acknowledge he,
As he leads the last and final prophecy
Or Is it that you need to understand the peaceful policy?
led by a man on a mission to fulfill his prophecy.
It's about time we abide by his philosophy

Because without my last messenger who would raise my rights for my women loftily?
Who would stand up for what's right along with strong belief in equality.
Pay our zakahs-to help the poor
Or visit the sick neighbour that lives next door
So you ask is there any more?
Freer of the slaves,Heard of Bilal ibn Rabah?
Who Abu bakr freed him for 10 Dinars
And if by chance you're not sure and still ask who and why
Then realise that our prophet peace be upon him never spoke a lie

Al Sadiq & Al amin.
That's what they'll say.
He was given commandments and he would obey.

So whatever image you choose him to be portrayed, just remember his kindness & teachings still remains today. Even if you choose him to be wrongly displayed. Know that his words will never die, because remember his way of life was left behind.