Haydar Khan Poem

I wish I was with you as a companion.
For you were my number one champion.
No one understands my love,
Except the Lord above

I wish I died for you as a martyr,
Instead of chasing Gucci or Cartier.
Catching your beads of sweat smelling of musk.
Listening to you recite from dawn till dusk

I wish I could see your blessed face.
Hear how you told us we are all one race.
Be there when you show affection,
Helping me out with every correction.

I wish I could copy your best attribute.
Listen when you told us about Adams forbidden fruit.
Sleep outside your home, eager to learn.
Stand by your side when the people of Mecca turn.
I wish I was in front of that boulder.
So no pain would go to your blessed shoulder.
Buy you food when you had nothing to eat,
Or bandage and massage your swollen feet.

I wish I could contain my grief.
Though nothing can destroy my belief.
I shall see you in jannah InshaAllah,
O messenger of Allah.