In Nov 2015 some brothers had an idea, they wanted to encourage their children to research into the life of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH), As eloquence in spoken language was the prophets gift (PBUH), they decided a poetry competition fit well. Thereafter they decided to involve the community through the masjid in Seven Kings.

As it was the 1st time we were running such a project it was intended to be a small one off project for our local community. The community were so happy with the idea and the whole competition that we were asked by all (parents and kids) "Will this be run every year?"

Due to the expectation that it will only be a small local project, we only gave ourselves 2 months to plan and execute the entire competition and hold the presentation dinner. After we saw that we had 200+ entries from all ages from all over including Leeds, Birmingham, and even Dubai, we knew this was going to be bigger than we initially intended.

Something we can take away from last year is that we did not market the competition well. We printed some leaflets that we handed out and circulated some What's app messages, but other than that we did not do much marketing.

Winners Form Last Year

Click on the name to read their Poem.

Age category 6 years − 10 years

Zain Ali

Runner Up
Imaan Mohammed
Arif Rahman
Sumayyah Rashid

Age category 11 years − 15 years

Haydar Khan
Uzair Syed Muhammad

Runner Up
Hafsa Rehman
Saqib Khan

Age category 16+ years

Asma Melaine

Runner Up
Faraz Imran
Habiba Uddin
Amina Begum