Uzair Syed−Muhammad Poem

12th Rabi-ul-Awwal,
Now that was the day,
The prophet came to show us the way,
Born into a home of planks and mud bricks,
His face glowed like fire on candlesticks.

When he was older, he took up a life of trade,
Syria to Yemen, many trips he made,
He made sure all his payments were fair,
No matter if it was clothes or a mare.

12th Rabi−ul−Awwal,
Now that was the time,
Our prophet began his favourite pastime,
In the cave of Heera he would reflect on life,
But the teachings he brought would give him much strife.

In Heera he was commanded by Jibreel to read,
He was unlettered but still he would lead,
Chosen as the messenger was he,
Never could the prophet this event foresee.
Muhammad heard a voice that said,
You are the prophet but by then he had fled,
Filled with fear he looked to his bride,
Khadija, who said there's no need to hide.

Our prophet began to preach Islam,
Under the shelter of a humble date palm,
But as more people came to his call,
A pulpit was made so he could see above all.

But soon the Quraish saw him as a threat,
To wipe out Islam was their only mindset,
Allah allowed the Hijrah to commence
To go to Medina was their only defence.

The Ansaris welcomed them with joy,
Songs of praise came from every girl and boy,
The Masjid-an-Nabawi was built,
There the prophet would sleep on just a quilt.

Then the battles against the kuffar took place,
Our prophet didn't hide, he fought face to face.
An-Nasr came and the message was clear,
Our prophet Muhammad's time was near.

The Muslims gathered for the prophet's last speech,
The perfected rules of Islam which no one could breach.
Our beloved caught a fever and passed away,
For our success he never ceased to pray.

12th Rabi-ul-Awwal,
Now that was the day,
Our beloved prophet passed away,
He left us the Sunnah and he left us Qur'an,
To help us stay strong and refresh our Imaan.