Zain Ali Butt Poem

Although I never met this man

His job was to teach Islam

Quran was his revelation

He was hit with tribulations. Although I never met this man

He had excellent and high Ihsaan

He had love for the young and old

"Allah is God" that's what he told.

He was known for his honesty

And passion and love and empathy

His courage he had to give

At Badr, Uhud and Ta'if.

Everybody loved his face

He was a gift to the human race

His words were in gentle speech

He only came to preach.

He always used to smile

Even when he was in trials

He was very just and kind

A pure sign for mankind.

Although I never met this man

I try to learn the Quran

And do my up-level best

To do what he did in his tests.

Although I never met this man

I strive to copy his Imaan

I never had the chance to touch

A man I love so much.

The world wouldn't be made without him

A man that committed no sin

A man that was very loving

That is why I love him.